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Colorized Nodes Tutorial

Important!: if you want to show the categorie stats you need to edit the template node_list_category

Change Line 6

For more information about the inline stats: please visit this topic on

This is the DIY-tutorial to create colorized nodes. Fill in the form and press "submit". After clicking "submit", the code will appear under the submit button.
In addition to this tutorial, there is also a more extensive turorial with a gradient color: ColoredNodesGradient.php

Before colorize: (without stats)

After colorize: (with stats)

Visit to see the result of different colored categories.

To get the color code you can use this colorpicker

enter the data per category and copy the script to extra.less of the desired style.

Node Categorie:
Forum Category Number: Example: 162 for index.php?categories/test.162/
Background Color: Example: #0000FF
Color: Example: #ffffff

Coloured Node Icon read icon:
Color: Example: #0000FF
Text Shadow: Example: none
Looking for more Text Shadow options? Visit

Coloured Node Icon unread icon:
Color: Example: #f20414
Text Shadow: Example: none

H2 text color:
Color: Example: #fff

the following options are to colorize the text (topics and posts) and quantity. You can just enter the same as for "color" under "Node Category:"

H2 text color:
Text color: Example: #fff

quantity color:
Color: Example: #fff

the script for in extra.less